Professional Photographer


I was born at 13th of August 1973 at Mavrolofos of Serres where I spent my childhood. Since 1986 I live and work at Heraklion Crete. I ‘m married to Katerina Dafnou and happy father of two boys.
Fell in love with photography with my first Zenith at high school starting a relationship that changed my life.
I ‘m member of Hellenic photographic Society of Crete since 2002.
From 2003 the hobby of photography became profession specializing at event architectural and still life photography.
Took part in international contest and was awarded in every one I took place. Amongst them: Lucie Photo Awards and Biennalle for new talents.
Please feel free to contact me for comments of my work and/or if you require my photographic service anywhere in the world.

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